Specializing in unblocking vacuum systems. Using a vacuum system with poor suction can lead to blockages in the vacuum hose and pipes that are inside the walls

It is important to have good air quality in your home. Heating and cooling systems collect dust. Getting your air ducts cleaned regularly will ensure good in-home air quality.

Specializing in repairing faulty vacuum systems. Replacing motors and soft start circuit boards. We also can replace your old wall plates, hoses and floor tools leaking suction pipes.

Regular servicing of your ducted vacuum system is very important and will give the vacuum a longer life and maximum suction.

Planning a renovation, building an extension to your home, or wanting to remove a wall we can arrange to remove and relocate the vacuum duct points.

We can install the system if you’re building a new house or even retrofit in pre-existing homes. We use only high-quality duct pipes and bends to ensure that the system will never fail or block easily

We can also install more powerful units or even upgrade the motor in the existing unit to suit all budgets

Superior Suction also do test and taging for all your electrical appliances

CCTV/Surveillance and monitoring system installation services Whether it’s video/audio monitoring system for an educational company or just a family concerned for their security, we can tailor to your need! Have complete control of your CCTV system over your phone no matter where in the world you are. Indoor or Outdoor, raining or sunny, day or  … Read more